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FCI was founded by Sally Anleu who has over twenty years experience working with the insurance industries fighting insurance fraud. She has worked closely with SIU Investigators, Attorneys, Claims Adjusters and other insurance specialists through carriers and TPA's. We are fully licensed and insured in the state of Florida.

At FCI, we are not just a factory spitting reports out to get the billing in.  You will not get a generic report that reads "Home - No Activity".  We understand the importance of information and video evidence. FCI specializes in CUSTOMER SERVICE. We've stayed regional so we can focus on getting results, and giving you the customer service you deserve. We believe in team building at FCI, and have a strong "think tank" to make sure you are getting the best results possible on the case assigned to us. If you're not happy with the end result of your case, we will re-work the investigation at no cost to you. At FCI, there are no "gimicks", just results.


Our Services

Our mission at FCI is to be at the forefront of the investigative industry with getting results and being your partner in fighting fraud. We are a results driven company. We offer cost containment solutions for our clients. At FCI you can be assured that all of your investigative needs will be met. Our focus will be to handle your investigative needs from your initial contact to the complete resolution by strong focus on customer service, investigative expertise and RESULTS

FCI also offers state accredited Continuing Education (CEU) courses. Please call us for details.

Competitive Advantages

At FCI, we offer state of the art video, hidden video equipment, and have the most current technology. However, what sets us apart from other companies is we still believe in old fashioned communication. We keep the lines of communication open with our clients as well as our investigators. Each of our managers is limited to an investigative staff of approximately 8 investigators which means they have more time to speak with the investigators throughout the day, everyday, strategizing your cases. We also believe in keeping the lines of communication open with our clients as we will not just post updates for you to read, but if allowed, we will talk with whomever is handling the case and strategize with them to get the best results. FCI knows what the meaning of customer service is.


We WILL NOT let your case fall to the wayside and become a part of an assembly line. We try to confirm if a claimant is home within the first two hours so we do not waste your budget. Another thing that sets us apart from our competitors are our prices. We believe that in offering you a fair price for our services, it leaves you more resources for fighting fraud. FCI offers all of this as well as getting your cases to you in a timely fashion. FCI re-invests in itself by hiring the most qualified investigators. Our staff includes Certified Fraud Examiners, paralegals and 90% of our staff have 10 plus years in the investigative field. We also believe in hiring a diverse staff including veterans that are home from the war; as with their knowledge and experience, they are a valuable asset to our team. Our investigators come from various demographics and backgrounds; we have investigators that can speak Spanish, Creole, Arabic, Portuguese, Hebrew and German.


If you have a case anywhere in the United States of America, we have you covered.

Our Team

At FCI, our investigators are the foundation of our company. Without them, there are no other positions. They are all highly trained and licensed in the states that they work cases. FCI has continuous training, and uses the most up to date equipment to get the job done. Our investigators are consistent, and know how to get results and the information you need. Our investigative staff comes from different demographics and cultures which gives us the ability to provide you with the best coverage available and the best investigator for the job.

Because we take care of our investigators, they take pride in their work, and set high standards for themselves. Our investigators are trained to not just “sit” on a residence for four hours for mandatory billing reasons. At FCI, we understand how frustrating that can be and we will find out within a reasonable time if your subject is home or not in order to maximize the cost effectiveness of your budget.


Experience Matters

All of our staff are experienced investigators and promoted from the field. This assures you that our staff are very knowledgable and offer the highest degree of customer service. They are not just a “marketer” or “sales” person. Our staff has the level of experience necessary to assist or advise you on any case

Veteran's Preference

FCI takes pride in hiring our Veterans from the Armed Forces coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq. Our company seeks and hires employees that posess a high degree of integrity and self motivation. Our Military Veterans bring a great work ethic to our team that is absorbed by everyone in our company.

SIU Rapid Reaction Team

FCI also has a SIU Rapid Reaction Team that can cover all of your SIU needs.  They are highly skilled investigators with years of experience in AOE/COE Investigations, Examination Under Oath Investigations, PIP, Clinic Inspections, Loss Prevention, and Property Damage. Our Rapid Reaction Team is able to take a case from “cradle to grave” and submit it to the Department of Insurance Fraud. Our SIU Rapid Reaction Team is made up of SIU Investigators from various demographics that are fluent in Spanish, Creole, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic, and German. We hire the best, so we can give you the best!

By hiring our SIU Rapid Reaction Team, you can troubleshoot your claims on the front end by sending our SIU Investigator in right after the accident happens.  This helps you to be able to interview the claimant before he "lawyers up", interview any witnesses before they disappear or forget details, and determine if there is any subrogation or compensability. We also photograph and secure any evidence before it is moved or disappears.  We photograph any equipment and machinery and determine who owns and insures it.  We also photograph the claimant, his vehicle, his residence, and his neighborhood which helps set up for surveillance if surveillance is needed in the future.

Our SIU Rapid Reaction Team will also set up and conduct your Examinations Under Oath. Our SIU Rapid Reaction Team is experienced with PIP Investigations and Clinic Inspections, and knows the right questions to ask in order to get the answers you need.

SIU Team

Coverage Area

Our coverage area includes the entire United States of America. It's that simple. We are the experts. If you have a case in the United States of America, we have you covered.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is PASS?

We offer Partner Access System Solutions. This allows our clients to securely access their cases, files, and/or videos.


What is your company's experience?

FCI Investigations was founded by Sally Anleu who been in the insurance Fraud business since 1998. Sally obtained her degree in Law Enforcement in 1996. Sally has worked numerous investigations as a Field Investigator, an Operations Manager, and also as a Regional Operations Manager for National and Regional Companies.. She has worked closely with SIU Investigators, Attorneys, Claims Adjusters and other insurance specialists through carriers and third party administrators. We populate our staff with investigators who have 10 plus years experience, certified fraud examiners, and paralegals. We take care of our staff so we have very little turn over which assures you that we are going to be here in years to come if your cases go into litigation. We are the insurance fraud experts


How does your company bill?

Our company usually bills on a flat rate, however, we can make adjustments for those that need to be billed on an hourly rate.


Are updates provided at the end of each day?

We usually update at the end of each case both verbally and by e-mail, however, we can provide updates throughout the day, or at the end of the day if required.


What is the average turn around time from the day the case is assigned to completion?

Our normal turn around time is 14 days, however, we can get a case back to you the next day if needed.


Can your company provide proof of insurance?

Upon request, FCI will provide a copy of our certificate of insurance.


Where are your investigators located at?

Our investigators are strategically located throughout the state of Florida giving you a better coverage.


How are billing and case issues resolved?

If you are not satisfied with the performance on a case, please contact us and we will diligently resolve the issue. Our staff is dedicated to working closely with you to make sure you get the customer service you deserve.


Can you take an assignment on short notice?

In most cases, we can take an assignment in for the next day, or even the same day. We normally ask for 10 days to complete the assignment as each case is different and some require more time for better results.


Do you use sub-contractors on any of your assignments?

Absolutely not! At FCI,we believe the best investigators are full-time FCI investigators.


What kind of equipment do you use in the field?

FCI uses the most state of the art professional grade digital camcorders. Our investigators are also equipped with various hidden video cameras, digital voice recorders, and digital cameras. They are also equipped with laptops, GPS, and a smart phone. We know how important it is to secure your evidence and files and our web-servers are behind a double NAT managed WatchGuard firewall. This differs from most firewalls in that most firewalls are software-based making them vulnerable at the hardware level. Ours is hardware-based and uses a white list, if a network packet attempts to access our internal network and it does not have the appropriate approval, it is turned down, blocked and destroyed.


How do you deal with the diverse cultures in the field?

Our investigators come from various demographics and backgrounds; we have investigators that can speak Spanish, Creole, Arabic, Portuguese, Hebrew and German. They are assigned as needed to each case for maximum results.


What kind of satisfaction can we expect from your company?

Our investigative team is results oriented. At FCI, we know video and information is King. If you are not satisfied with our results, we will strategize together to make it right. If that means re-working the case, or crediting any of the proceeds back to you, we will do so to insure that you are completely satisfied.


What kind of relationship is maintained with your clients?

We work close with all of our clients to make sure they receive the customer service they deserve. In addition, if quarterly reports and reviews are requested, we can provide those as well.


Case Request

If you'd like to open a case with us, please call us at (877)-214-4996 or email sanleu@FCIinvestigations.com.

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