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Our investigators are the foundation of our company.

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If you have a case in the United States of America, we have you covered.

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SIU Rapid Reaction Team

FCI also has a SIU Rapid Reaction Team that can cover all of your SIU needs.  They are highly skilled investigators with years of experience in AOE/COE Investigations, Examination Under Oath Investigations, PIP, Clinic Inspections, Loss Prevention, and Property Damage. Our Rapid Reaction Team is able to take a case from “cradle to grave” and submit it to the Department of Insurance Fraud. Our SIU Rapid Reaction Team is made up of SIU Investigators from various demographics that are fluent in Spanish, Creole, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic, and German. We hire the best, so we can give you the best!

By hiring our SIU Rapid Reaction Team, you can troubleshoot your claims on the front end by sending our SIU Investigator in right after the accident happens.  This helps you to be able to interview the claimant before he "lawyers up", interview any witnesses before they disappear or forget details, and determine if there is any subrogation or compensability. We also photograph and secure any evidence before it is moved or disappears.  We photograph any equipment and machinery and determine who owns and insures it.  We also photograph the claimant, his vehicle, his residence, and his neighborhood which helps set up for surveillance if surveillance is needed in the future.

Our SIU Rapid Reaction Team will also set up and conduct your Examinations Under Oath. Our SIU Rapid Reaction Team is experienced with PIP Investigations and Clinic Inspections, and knows the right questions to ask in order to get the answers you need.